Adventurous Dads

Cluster Camp - Sunshine Coast.

A weekend designed for Fathers to Live, Learn, and Laugh with their child.
The weekend is broken up into sections of organised fun, disorganised fun, and more fun. With fathers having opportunity to learn about aspects of being a father including open discussion forums with other dads.
This is all intertwined with activities based on Dads connecting/bonding with their child.
Events include, billycart construction and riding, canoeing, slipNslide, and more.
Dads will get home at a reasonable hour on Sunday in order to refresh, watch the footy, and reconnect with their family. $160 investment that guaranteed will last more than 160 days of your child’s memories.



This camp is for

Grades: 3-12 Boys and Girls


9 November 2018 to 11 November 2018


Dunethin Rock Scout Campsite

Contact Details



Tony Gibson

Directors Profile

Tony has been a school chaplain for 5 years in both High School and Primary Schools. He is currently as Bli Bli State School, as well as chaplain at Marcoola Surf Club.
He is a Father of 4 children (sons and daughters), and married to Danielle.
Tony says, “every year seems to bring new challenges as a Father. Just when you think you can relax, you’ve got this sorted, the kids change, and you must too. For their sake and yours.”