Cooinda Mother Daughter Camp

Cooinda Mother Daughter Camp 2022

“Cooinda” means ‘happy place’. Our camp is designed to support mothers and daughters develop a strong foundation as they enter the teen years. We invite participants to discover ways to communicate effectively, regulate and express emotions in safe and healthy ways, be compassionate and caring towards each other, spend quality time together, and have lots of fun and laughter on the way!

Our camp facilitation team look forward to accompanying you as you explore your unique mother/daughter relationship through fun activities, quiet reflections and conversations, times in nature, as well as ‘creativity’ workshops. As we spend the weekend together we will explore the thread of God’s loving presence with us in our relating to each other, enjoying creation and knowing God’s intentions are for our best – and being in a happy place’ together.

Girls in Year 6-9 and their mums, or mum figure in their life, are encouraged to attend. We’re a small camp with under 20 participants in total.

This will be an amazing experience!”

Brisbane/Logan areas


Includes ferry transport to the island, delicious meals and snacks, twin share accommodation, art workshop. Sponsorship available where finances are a barrier.

This camp is for

Grades: 6-9 Girls


21 October 2022 to 23 October 2022



Coochie Mudlo Island

Contact Details

Cassie Love


Cassie Love

Directors Profile

Cassie is a school chaplain and teacher. She has 2 late teen daughters who she loves hanging out with. Strong, emotionally healthy relationships are important to Cassie and she supports young people to develop healthy relationships with themselves, their friends and their family.