GENTS Ignition Spring 2018


“GENTS Ignition Spring is giving the Green Light! It’s the most awesome fun-filled camp in the history of the universe just for boys. Battle it out with Epic Tribal Wars like Nerf Gun Battles, “Use the Forts” and “I’m on Your Team!”. You’ll need to bring your camo gear for Army Day, your skillz for “Boxtacle Course” and amaze your mates with your dance moves at our Dance Party. There’s also heaps of sport, good food and time to meet old and new mates and our spiritual input sessions (“The Battlefield”).
Which tribe will be triumphant in 2018? Register as soon as is humanly possible and Bring ALL your mates!”



This camp is for

Grades: 5-6 Boys


24 September 2018 to 28 September 2018


Glendalough, Peregian Beach


Malcolm Brown & Jordan Briggs