Redlands Epic Day Out 2020

Day Camp - Cluster Redlands High Schools

Sick of Covid Iso? Can’t wait to get out and have some fun? Join us on the first Monday of the Spring School Holidays for the Redlands Epic Day Out. Enjoy a mega day crammed with some of the best activities you can do in the Redlands. One of the massive highlights of the day will definitely be Laser Skirmish in the Mt Cotton forest!
From morning to night the day will be filled with exciting games, amazing activities, crazy challenges and live music. Wow!
Between events we will chill in smaller groups, eat meals while hanging out with friends and have meaningful chats about what anchors you in life when times get tough. You will get a chance to talk about life, God, faith, values and all the things that make life awesome.
The fun will start early in the morning and only finish late into the night.*

(Fine print) * The event and final list of activities will be provided under a Covid-Safety plan, and are subject to Qld Health advice at the time, and provider availability. Should any events be cancelled, alternate activities will be provided at no extra/reduced cost to you.



This camp is for

Grades: 7-12 Boys and Girls


21 September 2020 to 21 September 2020


Cleveland Baptist Church


Sarah Woodward (Admin) & Neale Collier (Director)