Spring Mapleton Adventure 2019

Applications received after 30 August are subject to availability.

Attention everyone! We need new recruits to join our team of secret agents as we undertake a top secret mission in Mapleton this September… This mission will require you to face many challenges and obstacles and you could find yourself crossing a lake in a canoe, shooting a target with bow and arrow, scaling a wall, abseiling down a tower, and more. Regardless of which challenges you encounter, your week will be action-packed and your small band of agents will need to pull together as a team to complete the mission. You will be in the capable hands of experienced senior agents and under the guidance of the greatest leader of them all. With that help, you cannot fail. Come. Join us. Together we will succeed!


Cost includes bus from Morayfield

This camp is for

Grades: 5-7 Boys and Girls


30 September 2019 to 4 October 2019


QCCC Mapleton

70 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton QLD 4560

Contact Details

Kieron McGuire – 0408 867 152 Charlotte Clark – 0488 117 880


Kieron McGuire & Charlotte Clark

Directors Profile

Charlotte attended Spring Mapleton Adventure as a student in 2007, joined the leadership team in 2014 and has directed the camp since 2018. Kieron’s sons attended Spring Mapleton Adventure as students in 2009. Kieron joined the leadership team in 2012 and has directed the camp since 2014.