Winter SMADD 2019

Winter SMADD 2019

“Are you interested in Song, Music, Art, Dance or Drama? Are you in highschool? Whether it’s your first time trying out the arts or you are a creative genius, winter SMADD is the perfect way to enjoy the July holidays. You’ll spend the week grooving, creating and maybe even laughing with loads of young people and some amazing leaders.
SMADD stands for Song, Music, Art, Drama and Dance. Our goal is to provide campers with leaders who excel in the arts and are committed to helping young people reach their potential. The whole leadership team wants to get to know the campers and to share the joy and passion they have for the arts and faith. Every day there are a couple of hours of core time to prepare items which are showcased at the end of camp concert (Always a highlight!!). Campers elect which core they would like to be in for the week where they can pursue the art form of their choice either song, music, art, drama or dance. For example, a guitarist might choose to do music as his/her core for the week.
Campers also get the opportunity to explore and enjoy other cores in the elective slots each day. Electives cover all of the art forms and range each day from serious songwriting, through to balloon attack painting, theatre sports and so much more, possibly even a game or two. Following dinner each evening is a night program, which is packed with games, bonfires, and even a creative dress up night. So whether you’ve had a lot of experience in the arts or this is your first endeavour, our leaders are here to help you have a fun time and enhance your skills sets. Looking forward to seeing you there!”



This camp is for

Grades: 7-12 Boys and Girls


8 July 2019 to 12 July 2019


Glendalough Iona College Campsite

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Rachel Flower & Ronnie Stone