General Questions

Who is SU QLD (Scripture Union)?

Part of the international Scripture Union movement, SU QLD is an inter-denominational Christian organisation that is dedicated to providing youth and children with professional care and a Christian message to help them find hope and significance.

SU Qld employs approximately 600 staff and chaplains and relies on a force of more than 3,500 volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to working with youth and children. SU QLD looks after young people through a range of services, including chaplains in schools, an extensive camping program, community outreaches and specialist help in primary and secondary schools.

Through our dedicated team of staff and volunteers SU QLD is able to run over 70 camping experiences across the state. SU QLD has an exemplary safety record, providing thousands of kids with a safe, fun and positive camping experience.

For more information about SU QLD visit www.suqld.org.au.



Camping Questions

What is the Christian component of the camp?

Every camp sets aside some time for faith discussions, where participants have a chance to explore the Christian faith and ponder the bigger questions about life.

My child doesn’t know anyone else on camp. Will he/she be OK?

Nearly every SU QLD Camp has campers who arrive not knowing anyone else. Our leaders are trained to watch, care for and assimilate campers to ensure they feel part of the group from the very start!

How do I find out details for camps in future seasons? When do they open for registrations?

Please visit our camping home page (www.suqld.org.au/camps) for information on upcoming camps. We update this information as soon as the details of each camp becomes available. Camps generally open for registrations at the end of the previous camping season.

Who looks after the campers?

A dedicated team of Christian leaders look after the campers 24 hours a day. Each leader is trained in child protection procedures, fully reference checked and screened under federal and state government child protection legislation. Leaders are also fully trained for their specific roles on camp. We have an exceptional standard of care and supervision with 1 leader to every 3 campers. This ensures that your child will receive the highest quality care and attention.

Are the leaders trained to handle emergencies?

Every SU QLD Camp has qualified Senior First Aid officers on team who can offer immediate medical assistance if required. The Director of each camp is supplied with detailed information on the location of the nearest hospital and medical centre to ensure swift action if any injuries or emergencies occur on camp. SU QLD also has other experienced staff on call throughout each camping season to offer advice and additional support to Camp Directors.

How can campers be contacted?

After registering your child on a camp you will receive a camper information letter outlining the phone numbers by which you can reach your child in an emergency.

What does my child need to take on camp?

This information is contained in the camper information letter which will be sent to you before camp begins. If you do not have an email address we will mail it to you. A general list of items required for most camps is also available on our website.



Waiting List Questions

Do I need to leave a deposit to put my child on a waiting list for a camp that is currently full?

No. When your child is placed on a waiting list, no camp fee will be asked of you. If a place for your child becomes available you will be notified and asked for the full camp fee.



Dietary & Health Questions

Do you cater for children with special dietary requirements?

Yes we do. Parents should provide a comprehensive list of dietary requirements when registering their child onto camp. We will seek to cater for their needs as much as is possible and practical.

My child has special medical requirements. Can you cater for this?

Individual medical requirements are common and all medication will be administered as requested by the parent / guardian by our first aid team.



Pricing Questions

Do you provide financial assistance for campers?

We can provide financial support to help families struggling financially to send their children on a camp. Please contact your child’s Camp Director to discuss this support.



Cancellation & Registration

I have to cancel my camper’s registration but have already paid in full. Do I get my money back?

If we receive adequate notice of the cancellation your registration will be refunded less a number of minor costs (e.g. postage and other incidentals). Depending on how close the cancellation is to the start of the camp, your deposit may be withheld.

Can I download a registration form and mail it to you?

Yes, you can. Download the PDF registration form here, fill it out and mail it to:
SU QLD Camps
PO Box 1167
Eagle Farm QLD 4009